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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started with Curbza

Curbza is a peer-to-peer commerce platform you can access with your mobile device. You can buy and sell goods and services via the app by creating an add with your phone.

Curbza is free for both buyers and sellers.

Profile and account settings

To log onto Curbza, open the app on your device. You'll be prompted for an e-mail address and password. This is all the information required to create an account. Once you've logged onto the Curbza marketplace once, an account has been created and you can use this information to sign in again.

Curbza also allowed you to connect via Facebook. Open the app on your device, and click “Log in with Facebook” on the homepage. Once you've authorized the app to log in with Facebook, you can always log in this way.

To change your location or any other information related to your profile, click the profile button along the bottom of your screen. On the profile page, click the wheel in the top right corner. Here, you can edit any information about yourself. Click the green “save” button on the bottom of the screen when your information is correct.

To add or change your profile photo, click the profile button along the bottom of your screen. On the profile page, you can click the wheel in the top right corner to edit all information on your profile. Here, you'll see a circle where your picture would appear. Click the camera icon on the photo and choose a photo from your own gallery, or take a new photo with your on-board camera.

Each user has their own message inbox where they can view outgoing and incoming messages. Along the bottom of your screen, you'll see an envelope icon that says “messages”. Click this icon, and view all messages in one place. You can view messages pertaining to items you're buying and selling by switching between the “buying” and “selling” tabs. You can view messages for items with a completed sale by clicking “archived”.

Buying on Curbza

To purchase items on the Curbza marketplace, browse networks. When you see an item you're interested in, use the private messaging feature to contact the seller. Right under the item's photo, there's a "Private Message" box that allows you to either send a private message to the seller, or to send an offer. Once you open up the conversation, they can message you back and you can hash out the details.

To save an item to view later on, you can “favourite” that item. Click the heart icon on the desired item and it will be sent to your “favourites”. You can locate your saved items by clicking the heart icon in the top left corner of your marketplace screen.

Selling on Curbza

To add an item, click the plus sign (+) in the bottom left hand corner of the marketplace screen, and choose “create a new item”. Here you can add photos, a description and price for your item. To send the item to your private inventory, select “stash item”. The item will be sent to your private stash, where you can decide to send it to the marketplace at any time.

To create an ad, click the plus sign (+) in the bottom left hand corner of the marketplace screen, and choose “create a new item”. Here you can add photos, a description and a price for your item. To send the item directly to the marketplace, click “send to market”.

You can sell items in as many networks as you like! When sending your item to the marketplace, you'll be prompted to select which networks you want the item to appear in. Choose as many of your networks as you want, or select “all networks” to share the item across every network you're a member of.

When posting an ad for an item, you can add up to eight photos. Click the green camera icon to take a photo of your item or add a photo from your phone's gallery. Click the next green camera icon to add another photo. The more photos you add of one item, the more likely it is to sell.

Once a sale is complete, you can still view the item within your store. Click the “My Store” icon on the bottom of your screen. Here, you just select the “Selling” tab and view items on the market OR sold items. Click the “sold” tab to view archived items.

When choosing where to meet a buyer or seller, it's always best to choose a public place where others are present. Good options for a pick-up location are coffee shops or malls. A great location for pick-up is a police station.

Security and privacy on Curbza

When you create a private network, only people you approve as members can view items in the private network. If you have joined a private network, only the administrator of that network can choose who views items within that network.

Creating and Joining Networks

Open “My Store” and click the “Networks” tab. You'll be shown a list of all close-by public networks. Click the “My Networks” to view all networks you've created. To create a new networks, click the green “Create New Network” button.

Here, you can create a network, which is similar to creating an ad. Add a photo, name, description and other details. You can also choose if the network is public or private. Once you've filled in the details, click “Create Network”. This makes you the admin of your created network. You can start adding items to this network and inviting your friends to join.

If you wish to join a private network, search the name of the network. If you don't know the name you're searching for, ask the administrator. The only way you can find a private network is by searching the specific name. When you find the network, request to join by clicking the green plus (+) sign beside the network's name. The administrator will be informed of your request and will be able to approve you as a member.

To join a network, open “My Store” and click the “Networks” tab. Here you'll be shown all networks. To join a network, click the green plus (+) sign.

To remove a network from your feed, open “My Store” and click the “Networks” tab. Open the “Joined Networks” tab. Here, you can click the check mark that says “Joined” to leave the network. It will turn into a green plus (+) which means you are not a member of this network.