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Empowering people

Curbza Enterprise

Monetize excess items and assets

Enterprise Edition

A multi-modal, customizable and user-friendly system built on top of the Curbza software platform.

Get a wider reach and monetize your audience

Provide members a more efficient way to access deals,
allow offerings to be more effectively featured and
provide your members more exposure and value.


Whether your needs are big or small our solution is built to scale. If you don't offer a particular service but still want to take advantage of our solution? No problem! We've built our system to grow as per your needs.

Scalability is a key element of Curbza’s enterprise solution, which is a modular system.

Module Based

Since scalability is a key element of Curbza's Enterprise solution, our system is designed around modules. The core functions of Curbza’s software system operate like an engine. The modular technique separates a specific functionality of a system into independent, interchangeable modules.

Each module is designed to execute only one aspect of the desired functionality. Theme based appearance is also designed for the user interface. The theme’s layout can be chosen by the user to make a unique single product.

High Availability

Our system and its modules are designed for high availability, which means that they are built to be continuously operational for a desirably long length of time. This is especially important if you need a "100% operational" or "never failing" solution.