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A Community

Built on trust

and a common purpose.

The Curbza Community

The Curbza community is a thriving place where users can get the things they need and get rid of the things they don't. We believe in building a world where everything has a purpose, and everyone has access to they things they need.

The way we exchange goods is evolving.

The peer-to-peer market is growing rapidly. The way we buy, sell, trade and obtain goods and services is changing. Peer-to-peer buying and selling puts individuals in charge.

If we're able to sell stuff that's already served it's purpose, how much money could we get back? If we're able to buy things in good working order second-hand instead of new in the package, how much money would we save?

If we could get rid of items we don't need anymore, how much more room would we have in our homes? If we could re-home these items instead of throwing them out, how much waste would we prevent?

If we could do it all in one easy-to-use, quick and secure place, how much time could we save?

The Curbza Community is build on trust.

The most important part of building our peer-to-peer community is trusting each other. If we can trust that users are using Curbza for the right reasons, we can happily and securely buy and sell to each other. When we treat each other with kindness and respect, we're able to trust each other and make great sales and purchases.

Our community guidelines are a great place to find out how we're keeping the Curbza Community safe and fun.

If you ever feel uncomfortable on the platform, let us know. We're here to maintain a positive community, and will do whatever we can to help.