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A Community

Guided By Good Will

And A Common Goal.

Community Guidelines

Curbza's intent is to be the most secure, efficient and streamlined marketplace experience where users can buy, sell and trade from each other. To maintain a community oriented atmosphere where everyone can find value and benefits, we've put some guidelines in place that will help you understand our community standards.

In the Curbza community, we ask the following of our users:

Be honest

When buying from and selling to other members, be honest about your items, their condition and your intentions. Being transparent when creating ads and making offers will make the whole buy and sell process simple, effective and of course, fun.

Follow through

If you make an offer to purchase an item or agree to sell an item, do your best to follow through with your arrangements. If things don't go as planned, communication with the other party is key. This makes the buying and selling experience less daunting for everyone.

Be fair

Use your best judgement when pricing items and making offers. Everyone wants a great deal, and everyone wants to turn their clutter into the value it's worth. If you do your research before pricing and purchasing, deals will be much more efficient.

Moderate your ads

Make sure to review our rules for which items are okay to post and which are not. Curbza's team moderates the marketplace and will remove any prohibited items and users posting prohibited items.

Practice good citizenship

If you see any offensive, abusive or inappropriate ads on Curbza, report it to our team so we can deal with the issue. This helps us keep the marketplace safe. We appreciate your help in making the Curbza community safe for everyone.

Part of Curbza's concept is to create an environment that's customizable, allowing users to shape their own experience by creating their own networks and choosing their level of security. Although we want to provide users with the ability to shape the app to their own needs, there are a few situations where we've implemented a no tolerance policy.

The following actions are prohibited to keep everyone safe and comfortable within the community:


Curbza has a zero tolerance policy for harassment, bullying, violence, intimidation or threats of any kind. This applies to written messages and ads within the app, or communication outside the app facilitated by Curbza. Under no circumstances should the safety or comfort of another user be compromised on the app.

Identity theft

Curbza's profile feature allows users to provide information, a photo and connect to social media platforms. This is put in place to ensure the marketplace is full of real humans that can be held accountable for their actions. Impersonating someone by using their photos or information is prohibited, as is posting another person's contact information or personal information.


Any intolerance or discrimination based on race, gender, ethnicity, identity, sexual orientation, religion or disability is prohibited on Curbza. Reports of a user engaging in discriminatory behaviour will result in the account being inactivated.

Course language

Please refrain from using course language within the app to keep our community a comfortable place for all users.