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All Your PPE Needs, One Marketplace

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), you say? If you work in the healthcare system, you are probably already familiar with PPE; and your organization’s inventory clerk most likely has a supplier to replenish PPE once supply is low. If you are new to the term PPE, however, you’ve no doubt experienced the effects of coronavirus (COVID-19) along with the rest of the general public and organizations. The biggest change you might have noticed is that people are wearing masks when in most public areas, or in the workplace to reduce the transmission of COVID-19. This and several other changes are even put into mandates to help keep us as healthy and safe from the virus as possible.

Unfortunately, the influx of demand for personal protective equipment has greatly impacted its supply for healthcare systems or organizations that require this equipment to run their business. Most PPE suppliers have run out of supplies and the public is left searching the web for a supplier that has products that they require.

Here’s a thought: What if you were able to find an expansive list of PPE suppliers, and gain access to real-time information on which supplier has the number and type of PPE that you require for your business? Well, say no more. Introducing Curbza’s PPE Marketplace, your one-stop shop for all personal protective equipment and its suppliers!

You can now search through a list of suppliers that have the type of equipment that you are looking for, locally or nationally in Canada. Imagine how much time you will save by browsing all PPE suppliers in one marketplace. This service was created with the inventory clerk in mind, as many of us in the field know how long it takes to search the web for most office needs, let alone PPE.

The PPE Marketplace offers the following features:

Marketplace management
  • Catalog moderation
  • Activity overview
Product management
  • Create and manage product listings with ease using simple yet powerful tools, e.g.
    • Rich text editor
    • Image uploader
Order processing and management
  • Notify your providers about newly received orders
  • Track orders
  • In-app messenger for peer-to-peer communication with smart tagging
  • Notifications, alerts
  • Client feedback, reviews
Product search and display
  • Powerful product search
  • Faceted category filters and well-designed and informative product page
Marketing features
  • Automated search engine optimization
  • Social media integrations
  • Clean and user friendly UI/UX

Once it’s time to replenish your organization’s PPE inventory, come back to the PPE Marketplace to see what suppliers have available, and get a quick glimpse of anything else you might need in the coming days. Looking to get started? It takes only a few minutes to sign up, click the following link to begin: Share this blog with your friends to let others know how they can save time by shopping on Curbza’s PPE Marketplace.

We at Curbza are thrilled to be your choice for accessing high-quality personal protective equipment by reputable sources. We’re all in this together!