Time to Play some Games

Games have changed so much in the last thirty years. From simple board games to the complex games of today. From Pong to Call of Duty, and now virtual reality; technology is delivering so much to entertain us all. This week’s blog looks at all things gaming, we are going to share some exciting game related stuff with you such that you may be able to find that one title you’ve been looking for.

To start things off, we feel it is important that you need to know where you’ve been to help discover where you are going. That’s why we uncovered one of the best YouTube documentaries on the history of video games by Stuart Brown.

The industry now is comprised of several major players. Often on the Curbza App, we see hundreds of game titles looking for a new home, it’s one of the best apps for finding new to you games. Here is a current post directly from within the App!


The board game world is very mainstream again after years of domination by video games. Board games are a great family activity or party starter game. Games like Settlers of Catan, Ticket to ride and Cards Against Humanity are some of the top games.

Board games are so popular these days that there are now cafes that cater exclusively to board game culture. A place where you can meet with all your friends and play the classics.

As this market expands, we expect to see many board games on Curbza. Due to the quality of the games and the high initial purchase price, you may be more than likely able to buy a used game with all the original pieces. That said, we don’t expect you to find the Classic game Fireball Island as it is one of the rarest games to find, but you never know.


Do you have a favourite game? Perhaps there is a game you enjoyed playing as a kid that you can’t find anymore. Leave a comment with your favourite game of all time.We hope you enjoyed our blog this week. We encourage you to get the Curbza App and start gaming today. Cheers!