The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It’s the most wonderful time of the year as summer ends and the kids go back to school. It’s the time when all the college kids are decorating their first dorm. In this blog, we are going to look at some clever tricks to modify your new dorm room to make life better while you hit the books.

Drab Dorm

The obvious thing about a dorm room is its size. Space really is a premium, so you need to maximize it as best as possible. One of the biggest challenges can be the colour theme of the room already. This requires you to be creative with material choices for bedding and drapes.


Time to Redesign

Here is a clever trick to break up a room. Use a shower rod and curtain just beyond the entrance to your room, this adds a second door and gives you more privacy stopping prying eyes. Also,  it hides the mess of a dirty room giving the illusion of a clean dorm.


Take a shoe organizer and hang it over your door to store all your toiletries or snacks. While in the closet, use soda tabs on clothes hangers to maximize the space. You can also get a shoe rack that hangs from the hanger bar in the closet and store all your board games on it.


Binder clips are also great for cable management. Take a couple of clips and attach them to your desk while looping your most used cables through them. Clean up all the wires to your computer or home theatre. Way more flexible than zip ties because you don’t need to cut them to swap a cable out. Simply put they have hundreds of uses.


Get Creative

There you have it, some simple clever tricks for your new dorm. We hope you try some of our dorm room ideas whether it be the creative use of a shoe rack or a curtain to break up the space. If you want to find more hidden treasures to spice up and modernize your dorm, get the Curbza App today and browse the 1000’s of items that could be the secret to making your dorm the best in the building.