Yard Sale Season – Blog #2

In our last article, we spoke of how summer is the best time for a yard sales, that is if you own a yard. Many people though do not have yards, so how can they capitalize from their clutter? Is today’s article we will highlight a few new ways everyone without a yard can get in on the yard sale concept but using Curbza to make it happen.

Property Managers

Large apartment building have many tenants, needless to say there is a lot of moving and likely a lot of furniture in the trash at the end of the month. Sometimes its not easy to post an ad on the conventional buy / sell websites. When you post ads, you deal with people all over your city, then you have to organize a meet up. This usually results in waiting around because the buyer can’t find your apartment.


This is why we suggest you create a private Curbza network for your apartment building. This is an easy and efficient way to get rid of unwanted clutter. Buyers are right in your building. You can meet them by the elevator and chat with them directly through the Curbza App! Connecting buyers and sellers together in the same building means its easier for people to get rid of their clutter since the wait time to meet the buyer is significantly reduced.


When you live in a condominium, there is a real sense of community. There’s a condo committee and events throughout the building all year long. Depending on the tenant demographic, there may be people whom are retired and like to sell items like knitting or baked goods. This is where a private Condo Network can become really handy.


Instead of an annual bake sale or yard sale in the common room, tenants could post their offerings on the Curbza private network. The private network could host many things, bake sales, book clubs and traditional buy & sell items. The condo corporation could even leverage Curbza as an exchange library as books can be listed for free.

Getting into Curbza is easy, just download the free app and create your free network today and bring your community closer together.

University Dorms

Each year grads move out and freshmen take over. As students pack up, they declutter and quite often it goes to the curb. Don’t put it on the curb, Put it on Curbza! When a private network is created, residents can post all the items they want to get rid of or even the items they are looking for to the private network.


Its never been easier for students to get rid of their stuff. Best part is the won’t need to walk far to get the items, maybe just an elevator trip.

The Sale of the Season

So there you have it. Yard sale season can easily be enjoyed by all through private networks on the Curbza app. Get Curbza today and declutter your world.