Yard Sales Season – Blog #1


The summer is the best time for a yard sale. You’ve gone through your house and decluttered, pulling together a pile of stuff to showcase on your lawn. Your old 10-speed bike, TV dinner tables, 24 volume encyclopedias and a classic record collection. Not to mention a ton of old winter clothes.

The Big Day

You’ve set a date and posted signs around the neighbourhood and you are ready. The big day arrives and the weather is less than perfect and by noon it’s raining. You make a mad dash and put what’s left of your sale back in the house. You are back to square one tired and upset.


We can plan and plan but we cannot control the weather. So why not leverage Curbza into your planning. Curbza is the best app to declutter and monetize your life. With Curbza, you can easily take pictures of the things you want to sell and create an ad. The best part is that you can stash your items for later. Stashing lets you create an inventory. You can list items in your inventory on the market when you are ready to sell. This approach makes selling your stuff more efficient.

Curbza is like a full time yard sale for you that even works for you in the rain. So if your yard sale is a bust, the effort can be salvaged with Curbza.

Community Yard Sales


Many of us live in the ‘Burbs’. Ridgevale, Parkdale or Suburban Estates; wherever you live, there is often a community group that keeps everyone connected. This is why it’s a good idea to create a Private network on Curbza for your community.

Creating a network is simple and takes seconds. Then you just need to get the word out to your community and get them signed up. Once your neighbours join the network, they will need to be approved. This is fast with a click of a button. Once joined, members can post whatever they want and share it to your community network.

Leveraging Curbza for Community yard sales means you get to meet your neighbours while you declutter and monetize. You also get a sense of peace since you will be dealing with members of your own community.