Take advantage of spring cleaning season by scoring super deals.

Spring cleaning means spring thrifting

January may be the beginning of the new year, but for many people the spring months mark a significant new start. Spring cleaning is a fantastic way to clear clutter and create an open, refreshing space for the upcoming months of warm weather and entertaining guests, but if you love to thrift shop, this is the perfect time to collect some gems.

Due to spring cleaning buzz and people being motivated to clear out their homes, it’s the perfect time of year to thrift used goods and score deals on the stuff you need going into spring and summer. People often get rid of perfectly good items for way less than retail price, just to get them out the door. If you’re an avid thrifter, you know that spring is a goldmine for secondhand shopping!

As you’re getting geared up for spring time second-hand shopping, make note of these items that are hot to thrift in the springtime:


If getting into biking is part of your summer bucket list, you’ll need a solid ride that will get you riding but not ride out your bank account. When buying a bike, second-hand is a great option. People often clear their basements and garages during spring cleaning, and get rid of that bike they never ride or have outgrown.

When buying a bike second-hand, there are plenty of factors to consider. Make sure you know what kind of bike you want, based on where and why you’ll be riding. Once you know what type of bike you;re looking for, you can start to weigh your options and check them out in person to see if they’re up to par. Bicycling.com has some great tips for first time used bike buyers on how to check the bike’s condition. DNAInfo also has some tips for budgeting for repairs.

Winter clothes

Okay, hear us out. Buying winter clothes in the spring probably seems counterproductive, and a sure way to cause more clutter than reduce it, but it can be really profitable. If you’re an avid reseller, you can get amazing deals on winter goods this spring and save them to profit from next fall. Alternatively, if you have kids, you can load up on winter stuff now for cheap, and have them clothed for less next fall.


Everyone knows springtime is the best time to cruise the streets for curbside treasures. People are starting to catch on that when they’re ready to part with old furniture, it’s easy to sell it and make some cash, so we’re starting to see less on the curbside and more on buy and sell apps like Curbza. You’ll find stuff priced much more reasonably in the spring, as people are committed to clearing out their homes and have priced items to sell. This time of year, it’s worth asking to lower the price on bigger items that sellers want out of their way.


If you’re a student and know what classes you’re enrolled in next fall, now is the right time to lock down your textbooks as students are graduating and finishing class. You’ll be able to get them a bit cheaper, compared to in the fall when students are desperate for books and sellers are hiking up the prices. You may not want to think about school just as classes are finishing, but your wallet will thank you!


These are just a few of the items you can get for less during the spring cleaning madness! Curbza is a great place to start searching for sweet deals. You can download the app for free and start shopping your local market today.


Do you thrift shop? When do you find the best deals? Tell us in the comments below!