Upcycling projects can be big or small. Dig into your toolbox or keep it simple with a fresh coat of paint.

Upcycling experts that will inspire you to get started

They say one person’s trash is another’s treasure, but have you ever thought your own clutter could be transformed into the new, revamped piece you’re looking for? Upcycling is a huge trend right now in the blogosphere, with minimalism and zero-wasting living on the rise. Choosing to upcycle your old stuff or purchase used goods to redesign is an inexpensive way to spruce up your space.

If you’re new to upcycling and have never taken on a repurposing project, don’t worry. Tons of experts have taken to the internet to share their journeys and ideas. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite upcycling blogs with documented projects for you to check out.

Upcycle That

Upcycle That is a straight-forward upcycling blog, giving you all the inspiration and guidance you need to start creating items that range from unique decorative pieces to useful tools. The blog divides its projects into categories, letting you choose from what kind of item you’d like to make and what kind of materials you have available.

My Repurposed Life

If furniture upcycling is your area of interest, Gail will show you some of the most creative and effective ways to make use of old, outdated pieces. From full kitchen makeovers to simple add-ons (like the DIY, refreshed birdbath she had features in Women’s Day magazine), Gail will walk you through projects by using her vast experience. My Repurposed Life even offers a podcast if you’re interested in listening as you go!

Who’d Have Thought

While taking DIY to new levels, Who’d Have Thought focuses on featuring talented designers, artists, makers and inventors to tickle your creative bone. The blog features more practical pieces you can use around the house, but also incorporates unique art that’s made with used materials. You can even check out their online shop to purchase pieces that have been repurposed by the pros.

There’s so many ways to upcycle, whether it’s for practicality, creativity or just to pass the time. We hope these blogs spark your interest and get you started on a new project. Check around the house for old stuff you were planning on throwing out, or second-hand markets where you can get materials for cheap. Who knows, the Curbza marketplace may have just what you’re looking for!

Do you have any upcycling success stories? We’d love to see what you’re working on and hear from you.