You'll be counting coins in no time if you use these pricing tips.

How to price your items to seal the deal

You know what it’s like to go into a store that always has high price tags and look at all their beautiful inventory. You’d love to take something home, but the price just isn’t right for you. You leave empty handed and move on to the next store, finding something similar at a more reasonable price.

Weeks later, you return to the same store to see nothing has moved! The inventory is the same, untouched, waiting for the right person to decide they’re willing to part with that much cash. Once the right person decides to buy from them, it’s a great profit! But the waiting game can be the worst part.

Your Curbza store works the same way. Users want to see reasonably priced items, and will often use Curbza to make offers and haggle. As a seller, you want to entice users to make offers on your stuff and come back to view your inventory, but you also want to cash in. There’s a way to do both.

See what other people are selling similar items for

Browse the web to see what your item goes for full price, or what other people are selling it for used. Price your item competitively to others to ensure people will choose yours.

Price a bit above the lowest you’ll go

People love to haggle and barter on apps like Curbza, so make sure to price your item slightly above the lowest possible price you’d accept. The likeliness of a buyer asking to have it a little cheaper is high, so pricing a bit above will ensure you get the money you need, and the user will get a deal.

Consider how long you want to hold onto it

If you’re desperate to declutter and would rather the free space and cash than waiting around for a specific amount, price based on that. There’s an advantage to taking less cash for an items and selling it faster. If you’re confident of an item’s worth and don’t mind holding onto it longer, price it as you wish and wait until the right buyer comes along.

Be honest

How much do you think the item is worth, and even more importantly, how much would you pay for it? It helps to consider if you were on the other side of the exchange, how much you’d be willing to shell out. Chances are, other users have a similar mindset! People tend to want to price an item based on what they paid for the item when it was new, but people often overspend and then feel guilty and want to get their money back. What would you pay for the item used? Be honest and you’ll still cash in.

Sell more for less

Do you have multiple items posted? Consider selling two, three or more items and lowering the price slightly on each item. It’ll mean one (or a few!) less times you have to meet up, and the time saved by selling multiple things at once may be worth the discount.

With these tips, you’ll be able to price your items fairly, and even more importantly, you’ll sell them fast. What’s the best deal you’ve ever gotten online? Let us know below.