Your stuff is worth something, and creating a home inventory is worth the peace of mind.

No regrets: keeping a home inventory

Let’s talk about your stuff. Tangible stuff, like the objects you own. Whether you have a three story house and a garage full of stuff that’s new, old and everything in between, or a small one bedroom apartment with just the basics, there is something special about your stuff, and that’s just it: it’s yours.

Do you know how much your belongings are worth? From your new state of the art fridge, to your mp3 player you’ve had since they were first released, your stuff probably adds up to a grander total than you’d imagine. Even more importantly, though, is how much do you value your stuff? If something unthinkable, like a fire or a robbery, happened in your home, would you be prepared to provide the insurance company or police with a full inventory of your belongings?

According to Allstate Home Insurance, only 44% of American homeowners have an inventory of their valuables. Renters are even less likely to keep an inventory, with one third of renters having a record of their belongings. Having a home inventory is responsible, and sets your future self up for success if anything was to ever happen to your stuff. You may regret not having a record of your goods, but you’ll have no regrets if you’re prepared.

Creating a personal inventory may seem like a huge job, but technology is making it a little more simple. Curbza has a “stash” feature that allows you to create a private, personal inventory of your belongings without sharing it with the public.

To create a home inventory, create ads via the Curbza app, but instead of sending an item to market, stash it. When you stash an item, it goes to the unlisted section of your store. Here you can refer to your private inventory when it’s necessary.

Tips for creating a personal inventory

Download the Curbza app for free and start taking pictures of your belongings. A huge perk is, if you have a home inventory and ever decide to downsize or replace something, you can easily send items in your inventory to the marketplace.

Do you keep a home inventory? What do you think is the best way to do so? Let us know below.