Does a clean desk like this appeal to you? Even if your house is cluttered now, you can get to this point with our tips.

Six ways you can be sure it’s time to declutter

So you’ve been reading our blogs for months, right? You’ve probably caught yourself sighing out loud, thinking “I have to try that!”

Maybe you’ve even bookmarked some decluttering blogs or followed some organization twitter accounts for inspiration. That’s great! But have you started the declutter yet?

It’s not only hard to get motivated (here’s some advice on how to start), it can even be hard to establish that you need to declutter. We’ve created this short list that may help you realize you could benefit from some declutter action.

Go through this list and check off the ones that apply to you. If you end the list with at least a few nods, it may be time to buckle down and start decluttering. You’ll feel much lighter, have more room to breathe and will spend much less time cleaning. The money you can make on your clutter is also an added bonus.

Six ways you can be sure it’s time to declutter

1. You find yourself looking for things you need more than once a month

How much time to you spend searching for things you can’t find? Rumour has it, the average American spends 3,680 hours in their lifetime searching for stuff they’ve lost. That’s 153 days! (The Daily Mail) There’s probably something more important you could be doing during those months.

2. You have doors or closets that don’t close properly

Everyone knows how much of a pain it is to shove a door shut only to have it pop open again. You may want to ask yourself the question, does my house not have enough storage, or do I have too much to store?

3. Your kitchen table and desks have collected items that don’t have a home

Nothing screams clutter more than counter tops, desks and tables covered in objects that don’t have a real home. Sometimes these items need a place to go, but often they can go right out the door.

4. You’d have to do a serious clean and tuck things away before having visitors

Who wants to rush around cleaning and shoving things in the closet before guests arrive? Nobody, that’s who. By decluttering, you can prevent the panic before your parents, co-workers or friends come over.

5. You rent a storage unit but can’t remember everything inside of it

If you have an offsite storage unit but can’t list everything inside, chances are the things you can’t remember aren’t important to you.

6. You have a room that LOOKS like a storage unit

Maybe you’ve never invested in a storage unit but use your spare room or basement instead. If you’re wasting a whole room in your home on storing stuff you don’t even use, it may be time to think about decluttering and kicking some of that stuff to the curb (or even better, Curbza!)

How did that go? Any of these seem familiar to you? It’s time to start decluttering! Check out our decluttering blogs and follow us on twitter for more information. There’s tons of stuff just waiting for you to declutter, inventory on Curbza and throw up for sale.

How do you know it’s time to do a massive declutter in your home? Any solid indications? Share them with us below.