You're never too old for a piggy bank, especially not one full of cash.

Empty your inventory to fill your wallet (The Student Series)

Back-to-school is the perfect time to reevaluate the stuff you have and decide what’s worth keeping and what you can bare to part with.

Trying to decide what you need and what you don’t can be difficult, so we’ve made a list of stuff a lot of students have but don’t necessarily need when moving to a new apartment or dorm. This list can be great for people who are staying put too, but need to rearrange to motivate themselves for the new year.


Every year students search for textbooks at a better price than the campus store, and every year students have to settle and pay full price for new books. The reason? They just can’t find what they’re looking for. If you’re someone who holds on to your textbooks “just incase” or because you spent so much on them you can’t bear to let go, consider throwing them up for sale. Even if they’re books you’re interested in and could benefit from in the future, look into online books. Many textbooks come with a code that allows you to view the book online. It allows you to view the information, but keeps it from cluttering up your shelf. On top of that, these books are worth serious cash! Don’t let these potential dollars collect dust.

Video games and consoles

It’s fun to have gaming systems and games, but how many do you really need? Take a minute to think to yourself, “how much do I even use these now that I’m in school?” You may find it’s time to get rid of one of your gaming systems (or all of them)! Public libraries now offer access to gaming systems if you want to play, as well as there’s the option to game on your computer. Even if you want to keep one, you may not need all three versions of your favourite system. Consider getting rid of some games and systems and you could free up a ton of space on your tv stand, as well as make some cash.


This one may seem obvious, but even the most unsuspecting people may be drowning in extra clothes. We often see people online selling their designer clothes and purses, but it’s not just those into fashion who can cash in on their extra clutter. Look through your closet and be honest with yourself about stuff you wear. You may realize some of your clothes aren’t in rotation on a weekly or even monthly basis. Maybe they don’t fit right anymore, or you’ve just gotten tired of seeing yourself in them. Those items are perfect for re-sale. Take some pics, throw ’em online, and you’ll be seeing dollar bills in no time.

Seasonal items

It’s hard to let go of items that remind us of good times, like that Halloween suit that won you “Best Costume” in 2003, or the twenty swimsuits you have that bring you back to sunny days. Consider keeping very little seasonal wear in your closet. A person really only needs a bathing suit or two. It’s also not necessary to keep an array of costumes “just incase” you get invited to a theme party. Be honest with yourself about how much that stuff gets used, and sell the things you don’t find functional. If the opportunity to attend a costume party comes up, or you decide to go down south during the winter, you can always get those items super cheap on marketplaces like Curbza when the time comes.

Tables, shelves, dressers

You only need one of each! If you have tables and shelves all over your apartment, they may just be collecting more clutter. Take a look at how many tables you have in your apartment and see if you can trim them down. There’s always students and others looking for affordable furniture to help them settle into their new spot. Furniture is an easy sell!

Tutoring skills

If you’re already a minimalist but still want ways to make cash online, try selling your skills! Creating an ad for tutoring is simple, and you may find your skills are more sought after than you thought. High school students may need a hand understanding their homework or with post-secondary prep, and other students at your college or university may be looking for additional help. Your skills are worth money, and no one will know about the service you’re offering without a snazzy ad.

Homemade goods

If you’re crafty or skilled at creating handmade goods, don’t let that talent go unnoticed. People love buying handmade gifts to bring home for the holidays, and by advertising your products online you’ll reach a wider audience. Even when shopping for a second-hand necessity, it’s a fun surprise to see local items to buy for yourself or as a gift. Don’t underestimate the desire people have for unique products! Sell your creations online, it’s a great side hustle for students.

See, there’s tons of stuff laying around your space you don’t even use that could earn you some cash. Take a look around your dorm, bedroom, apartment or house and you’ll probably find there’s opportunity to declutter and earn money.

Curbza is the perfect way to sell your stuff online. People are always browsing the marketplace trying to find the things they need for less. Get some great pictures of your stuff on the market, and you’ll be organizing meet-ups to cash in soon enough. Curbza is always free to download on the App Store and Google Play.

Is there anything laying around your house you’ve been thinking of selling? Let us know what you’re hoping to sell soon!