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Buying second-hand is something a lot of people wish they could do more of, but feel is too time consuming. Hunting for that perfect handbag can be a fun mission when it’s not time-sensitive, but if you need something quick, like school supplies for the kids as September approaches, thrift shopping isn’t quite as appealing.

Second-hand shopping has so many benefits to individuals, communities and even the environment. If buying used goods isn’t something you normally do, consider these reasons that buying second-hand is good for everyone involved.

Better quality, less cash

When it comes to clothes, furniture, vehicles and other items, the saying “you get what you pay for” is often applicable. If there’s something you need, like a new tv stand or patio furniture, why not purchase pre-loved? A brand new piece of furniture that’s of mediocre quality could be the same price as a pre-owned piece that’s top quality, and has already served someone well (and still has lots of life!)

Find unique items

When you go into a big box store, you see aisles and aisles of items that all look the same. When thrifting, it’s much more likely you’ll find items that are unique. Whether you’ve been looking for the perfect sneakers to wear running, or to add a set of dishes to your cupboards, finding those distinctive pieces that make you feel proud to own them is much easier while second-hand shopping.

Support the local economy

Buying local is something we talk about a lot these days, but don’t always have the chance to do. Buying local can mean getting out of your comfort zone, and trying new businesses and services that you may not be familiar with. The benefits of buying local are worth the risk. Buying local keeps money in our communities and benefits our community members. By buying second hand, you’re keeping money in your local economy, and that’s a powerful thing.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

We’ve heard the phrase used over and over as children, but as adults we forget how much this mantra really means. By reducing our consumption, reusing items that still have life to give, and recycling items that we no longer need (but someone else does), we can make a huge impact on the environment. When you have a list of items you need, take a minute to consider, “do I really need this brand new?” You’ll probably find that many things you want for your house, to wear and to use don’t need to be purchased in a sealed and untouched package.

The personal touch

Buying second-hand from an individual has an added charm that you can’t get from corporate, big box stores. The customer service is often a lot more genuine, and for many people, that counts. When buying second-hand, you meet the individual who owned the item before you, and if you have a great experience, who knows, you may just be a returning customer next time they need to get rid of their excess stuff.

There’s tons of ways to buy second hand, including thrift stores, pawn shops and re-stores. Although sifting through items and occasionally finding a thrift score can be exhilarating, if you’re looking for a way to shop second-hand quickly and efficiently, try Curbza. The app is designed to be convenient. You can download it to your mobile phone, and browse the marketplace from virtually anywhere. There’s also a wide variety of items to browse, so you can do your shopping for your latest DIY project, find a new outfit for work and scope out gift ideas at the same time.

Check out Curbza and change the way you think about shopping. Buying second-hand has incredible impacts on a lot of people.

Download Curbza in the App Store or Google Play for free, anytime.

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