Join networks based on item type, social group, or location.

Modify your experience with customizable networks

We’re constantly looking for new ways to improve the app, and recently we made a huge lunge forward in development. We’ve released a new version of Curbza that provides users with new options for buying and selling, and advanced security features. Our mission is to make the app the most user-friendly experience on the market. We take problems users find in other peer-to-peer apps, and we fix them. Privacy, safety and trust are always important to users when selling online, so we’ve made that a top priority when developing this version of the app.

When it comes to anything in life, people want control, and the ability to make their own decisions. Curbza’s customizable networks are just one feature that sets it apart from the rest. We’re giving you the ability to decide how you want to showcase your inventory. We’re also making it easier to search for the things you need.

How do networks work?

Customizable networks are easy to use, and offer great benefits. When you log in, go to “My Store” and click the “Networks” tab. You’re presented with every public network available to join.

You’ll notice some are created based on location (by community, city, province, state, country, etc.), and some are based on a very specific type of item (Taylor Swift merchandise, Marvel stuff, everything wedding related, etc.). These types of networks are often listed as public, and make it easy to divide the market efficiently. Of course, we offer the typical categories (furniture, clothes, cars, etc.) like similar platforms, but customizable networks let you personalize your online buy and sell experience that much more.

Customizable networks are also the perfect way to create a community of people with similar goals and interests. Individuals can create networks based on a social group. Maybe you want to sell all of your child’s clothing they’ve outgrown, but you only want to sell to other parents in your community that you know. You can create a private network that’s only accessible to those accepted into the group. Users can search for the name of your network, but until accepted by the admin, the network will be closed to them. This is a security feature that gives users control of who they buy and sell to. Custom networks foster a community around a certain topic, type of item or social group. Perhaps you’re a record collector, and you’re looking for records to buy and trade. A network of record collectors could be a great way to buy, sell and trade records, and also to meet other people passionate about their collection. You could close this group off and make it private for your personal circle of other collectors, or you could open it up to meet more people. If you decide to accept people into the group who you may not know yet, our in-app messaging feature allows you to get to know them without giving out any personal information.

How to create a networks

Creating a network on Curbza is super easy. All you have to do is open “My Store” and click the “Networks” tab. From here, you can access all public networks, networks you’ve joined, and networks you’ve created. Open the “My Networks” tab, and click the button that said “Create New Network”.

Creating a network is set up the same way you create an ad. You can add a photo, give the network a name, description, and choose if the network will be public or private. Once you’ve filled in all the details, click “Create Network”. You’re now the admin of your own network! You can start selling, or inviting your friends to join you. Tell them the name of the network, and they’ll be able to search for the one you created.

Customizable networks are just another perk to using Curbza. You’re able to modify your experience, and buy and sell your way. Check out the app and explore the networks offered. Who knows, you may even decide to create your own.

Check out Curbza on the App Store or Google Play anytime. It’s free, afterall.

Is there anything you have trouble finding that you’d love to see on Curbza? What kind of networks are you interested in joining? Let us know below with a comment.