You never know what you might find.

Why Curbza is better than those other guys

A lot of people have been asking what makes us different from Kijiji and the other guys. And it’s a question we’re very happy to answer. It was all those other buy and sell sites that pointed us in the right direction to make the better app.

Not including all the exciting features we have planned for future releases, Curbza offers features that no other platform is offering. First off, when you sign up for Curbza, you get your own store! That’s right, your own virtual shop to display all the things you want to put on the marketplace, and on top of that, inside the marketplace, you get to choose what networks you want to broadcast your listed items to. Curbza offers you a flexibility that is unprecedented for an online buy-and-sell app. Our goal is to give members more control, it’s their marketplace after all, and we want everyone to be comfortable with who’s in their store.

Another thing that Curbza has that no one else does is they give you the option to create an inventory. The inventory option is for people who aren’t ready to sell right away but want to start keeping track of things for later use. Imagine you’re moving across the city to a smaller home. You love everything in your house right now but aren’t sure it will fit. You can take pictures of things while you’re packing up, and when you get to your new home, you can then list the things that don’t fit. It’s that simple. Another reason an inventory of your home can come in handy is in the case of an emergency like what happened in Fort McMurray. Not everyone keeps receipts—if you ever had to flee your home and leave all your belongings behind having a record valuable items in your home that is easily accessible would be very helpful for making an insurance claim.

Everyone knows Kijiji isn’t perfect, but until us, they were the best option. With them you can’t store images or ads for later use, you have to display your items to everyone, and none of the users are verified—they are just entities floating on the Interweb until you meet them, so you can never really be sure who is on the other end of a sale. Sure there are others, Craigslist, for example, but not many people use it outside of America, and well, it’s not very nice to use or look at.

Some other competitors have entered the market recently that offer a product a little more similar to ours. Take Varagesale, for example. Their application does a lot of the things that ours does, but they’re targeted to a niche—mostly neighbourhood mothers who want to exchange between themselves. Curbza wants to make an app for everybody—that way we have a larger source of items and everyone is more likely to find what they are looking for, or gems they weren’t looking for but decided they needed once they found it!

We know we will hit some bumps in the road too, and won’t always be able to make every user happy, but what we will always do is listen. That’s why we invite you to share any feedback you have with us, always, so we can be sure to make the best app for you, yes you, because every you matters, this is your app after all.