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About Curbza

Don't put it on the curb!

Put it on Curbza

North America has a serious clutter problem. The average American has seven thousand dollars worth of goods going unused in their household, and that number is growing rapidly.

The concept for Curbza was inspired by endless clutter.

Curbza set out to create a technology that could help individuals organize their belongings, declutter the things they no longer need and sell them within a secure and efficient marketplace. Curbza's marketplace is for people to get rid of the extras and find the things they want and need for much less than the average retail price.

As the Curbza concept came to life, it was realized that clutter doesn't only sit in homes. It sits in office buildings, schools and other public places, such as hospitals. There needed to be a way to exchange assets across facilities owned by an organization. In addition, there needed to be a way to do it privately and securely.

Curbza is an inventory exchange platform with private network capabilities, allowing people to customize their own experience. Curbza is changing the way we buy, sell and trade by optimizing existing assets.

Our Mission

Curbza is empowering the monetization of everything by providing the most user-friendly, secure and customizable platform on the market.

Core Values