Peer-to-Peer Platform



An extensible API implementing various network security strategies.

Inventory/Asset management

Create and edit items. Manage who can view items and assets.

Recommendation engine

A system that filters content and predicts the "rating" or "preference" a user would give to an item.



Media Management

Create, edit and manage images, audio and video.


Classify and categorize items, lists and a variety of entities for structured itemization.


Classify and categorize items, lists and a variety of entities for non-structured itemization.


Measure, collect, analysis and report network performance, user interactions and item interactions.


Peer to peer messaging and real time chat.

  • Our system allows the posting of available goods or services.
  • Users can upload media and write descriptions of their listings.
  • Listings are searchable.
  • Specialized market networks can be created, for example, for one market segment or region.
  • All hosting is provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) Canada, giving us benefits of security and scalability.
  • Administrators can moderate and approve accounts and listings.
  • All interaction is forced over HTTPS.
  • API allows simple data retrieval, quick code creation, and added security.
  • Administrators may define their own categories for goods.
  • Access to request resources from a specific organization.
  • Access to analytics, plus tracing of ownership of a good.
  • Accessibility and disability support.
  • Messaging from one user to another.
  • Mobile support through responsive design.
  • Good-to-request matching.
  • Content flagging (offensive, out-of-date, etc.).
  • User feedback to improve design or report bugs.
  • A static set of predefined goods.
  • Informational listings, such as general advertisements or guidelines.
  • Access details associated with a good.
  • Tagging / sorting of responses to a listing.
  • AI and machine-learning use-cases.

Curbza Enterprise

Monetize Excess Items and Assets

A multi-modal, customizable and user-friendly system built on top of the Curbza software platform.

Get a wider reach and monetize your audience

Provide members a more efficient way to access deals, allow offerings to be more effectively featured and provide your members more exposure and value.


Whether your needs are big or small our solution is built to scale. If you don't offer a particular service but still want to take advantage of our solution? No problem! We've built our system to grow as per your needs.

Scalability is a key element of Curbza’s enterprise solution, which is a modular system.


Since scalability is a key element of Curbza's Enterprise solution, our system is designed around modules. The core functions of Curbza’s software system operate like an engine. The modular technique separates a specific functionality of a system into independent, interchangeable modules.

Each module is designed to execute only one aspect of the desired functionality. Theme based appearance is also designed for the user interface. The theme’s layout can be chosen by the user to make a unique single product.

High Availability

Our system and its modules are designed for high availability, which means that they are built to be continuously operational for a desirably long length of time. This is especially important if you need a 100% operational or never failing solution.

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About Us

Curbza Inc. is a peer-to-peer platform developer that specializes in digital marketplace creation for businesses, educational institutions, government, and non-profit organizations. Curbza is based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, CA. We create custom marketplaces that serve items that typically wouldn't appear on most public marketplaces, but creating a marketplace from scratch would be too expensive for an organization.

Curbza is constantly innovating and improving. We apply advanced techniques that simplify development, accelerate deployment, create competitive advantages, and reduce costs for clients and consumers.

Over the past six years, Curbza has focused on its investment in R&D to develop a unique platform that generates on-the-fly access to demand-based marketplaces for defense and healthcare industries. Curbza has been laser-focused on developing our technology and making it ready for this sensitive market. Any challenges we take on gives us the opportunity to deploy our technology as it was intended, and we are excited about how it will deliver value and meet your needs.

North America has a serious clutter problem. The average American has seven thousand dollars worth of goods going unused in their household, and that number is growing rapidly.

The concept for Curbza was inspired by endless clutter.

Curbza set out to create a technology that could help individuals organize their belongings, declutter the things they no longer need and sell them within a secure and efficient marketplace. Curbza's marketplace is for people to get rid of the extras and find the things they want and need for much less than the average retail price.

As the Curbza concept came to life, it was realized that clutter doesn't only sit in homes. It sits in office buildings, schools and other public places, such as hospitals. There needed to be a way to exchange assets across facilities owned by an organization. In addition, there needed to be a way to do it privately and securely.

Curbza is an inventory exchange platform with private network capabilities, allowing people to customize their own experience. Curbza is changing the way we buy, sell and trade by optimizing existing assets.

Our Mission

Curbza is empowering the monetization of everything by providing the most user-friendly, secure and customizable platform on the market.

Our Core Values



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